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Larry Gene Bell. His name is Larry Gene Bell and the American was sent to his death for murdering the sister of a former beauty queen hailing from South Carolina, among others. He would kidnap his intended prey, then rape them and ultimately kill them by suffocating them. In a cruel twist he even forced Smith to write her own will, which he promptly posted to her family before haranguing them with torturous phone calls about their beloved girl.

She went on to ask that the casket be closed, ominously, in case something happened to her. And it did. Five days after she had first disappeared, Bell gave the family a bell and told them where the body was.

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Debra May Helmick was to follow. These numbers were matched to a phone number, which led the police straight to an address where Bell had been house-sitting. From then on it was a rollercoaster to trial just five months later.

His initial trial was halted because there had been seriously bad publicity surrounding the gruesome activities, naturally. It was felt that this local publicity would have thwarted any hopes of a fair trial. Two new trials kicked off elsewhere in January — one for Smith and one for Helmick and the jury in the former trial took a mere 12 minutes to send him down.

But his bid to diss his legal representation was rejected, as were all the other claims.

larry eugene bell

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larry eugene bell

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. I knew the guy back when he lived in Charlotte and worked at Eastern Airlines. It was so surreal when I found out about these murders. As a new agent, I was assigned to Larry Gene Bell for training. He was very helpful and even tempered. I thought so much of him that I introduced my then 12 year old daughter to him.

My mother grew up with Shari, where they attended Airport high together, and 4-H… and its horrible to think about someone you know very well, to just… not be here anymore. S Anyway i saw the movie when i was young and still own it on video today and recently bought The rose of Shari and 28 Days of terror books.Larry Gene Bell, 47, was pronounced dead at a.

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He was executed for the murders of Shari Faye Smith, 17, and Debra May Helmick, 9, who were raped and suffocated in Our family has forgiven him. Now, maybe I can get a rest. Kill the son of a bitch. Police broke up the scuffle and no charges were filed. Bell, a former electrician, chose the electric chair over death by lethal injection so he could 'be with his victims sooner. In prison, he also smeared his own feces on himself and drank his own urine.

The first victim, Smith, was kidnapped May 31,while checking the mail at the end of the family driveway. She was raped and died of suffocation two days later. Helmick was abducted two days later from her front yard in broad daylight while playing with her younger sister. Both victims were found with their heads wrapped in plastic and sealed with duct tape.

Bell allowed Smith to write a two-page will, which was mailed to her family. Just remember my witty personality and great special times we all shared together.

Please don't ever let this ruin your lives,' she wrote. That letter gave police a clue -- an impression of an Alabama phone number that led police to a house where Bell had been house-sitting. Bell taunted the Smith family by calling them eight times to speak with Shari's sister Dawn, telling her, 'Your time is near. During his trial, he also proposed to the victim's sister while on the witness stand. Bell also taunted investigators with telephone calls, but was finally arrested June 27,at a roadblock.

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Sheep that went missing in bushfire turns up seven years later. Wild leopard wanders into hospital bathroom. Follow Us. Sign up for our daily newsletter.Bell forced Smith to write a "Last Will and Testament" before he murdered her and taunted her family by telephone. Larry Gene Bell was born in Ralph, Alabama and had three sisters and one brother. Bell joined the Marines in but was discharged the same year due to a knee injury suffered when he accidentally shot himself when cleaning a gun.

Bell and his family moved to Rock Hill, South Carolina in and the couple divorced in Her car was found abandoned at the curb near the mailbox. Over the next few days, Bell called the Smith family regularly from a payphone to tell them Shari was fine and to taunt them. In fact, Shari was likely killed within 12 hours of her abduction. Her body was found in Saluda County, South Carolina after Bell called the Smith family and gave them directions to her remains. Bell was also a suspect in two other disappearances: the disappearance of Sandee Elaine Cornett, who was the girlfriend of one of Bell's coworkers; and that of Denise Newsom Porch, who was last seen in July and lived in an apartment complex close to where Bell had lived.

Both young women vanished in CharlotteNorth Carolina and remain classified as missing. During the largest manhunt in South Carolina history, Bell made eight telephone calls to the Smith family, often speaking with Shari's sister, Dawn. Bell eventually gave exact directions to the locations of both of the bodies and described to the family how he had killed Smith. On June 27, Bell was arrested after forensics was able to find indentations of an incomplete phone number on the stationery of the letter that was sent to Smith's family.

Filling in the missing digits led the FBI to a local elderly couple who had hired Bell for some work and also had him house sit for them while they were away. Further incriminating evidence was found in a search of Bell's apartment. During his six-hour testimony at his trial, Bell continuously blurted out bizarre comments and carried on nonstop theatrics, rambling continuously and refusing to answer questions. He later made statements indicating that he may have been attempting to fake mental illness in order to receive a more lenient sentence.

Bell chose to die by the electric chair instead of lethal injection. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Larry Gene Bell. Ralph, AlabamaU. Columbia, South CarolinaU. The History Press. Prison Fellowship. Archived from the original on 27 September According to the matching records found for people named Larry Bell, the 2.

Home Names L Larry Bell. Arrest trends for Larry Bell by Year Year Number of arrests 2 4 5 8 6 4 4 8 5 6 12 Unknown Date Larry Eugene Bell. View Full Report. Bell is 55 years old. All criminal suspects including Larry Eugene Bell are innocent until proven guilty. More information on this incident is available from the following police agencies: Marion County Law Enforcement.

Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. He is 55 years old. Per the United States judicial system, Bell is presumed innocent until proven guilty. More information on this arrest may be obtained from local police at Marion County Law Enforcement.

Larry Gene Bell

He is 6' 1" tall, weighs Safe Keeper is a Misd A offense but all suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Information about upcoming court dates for Bell may be obtained from one of the following law enforcement or prosecuting agencies: Hamilton County Law Enforcement. He is 6'1 tall, weighs lbs and has blue eyes.

Bond was set at unknown amount for the charge because Bell is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Police agencies listed here may assist with more information including court dates: Ector County Law Enforcement.

Larry Donell Bell. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Indian River County Law Enforcement and others with information about this arrest and related court dates can be contacted for updated information on this arrest.Swerling, S.

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Office of Appellate Defense, John H. Blume and David I. Travis Medlock, Chief Deputy Atty. Donald J. Zelenka, Asst. Harold M. Coombs, Jr. Donald V. Myers, Lexington, for respondent. We consolidate Bell's direct appeal with our mandatory review of his death sentence pursuant to S. Code Ann. We affirm his conviction and sentence.

The facts of the instant case must be considered together with the facts surrounding the abduction and murder of Shari Faye Smith hereinafter Shari. On the afternoon of Friday, May 31,Bell abducted seventeen year old Shari from beside the mailbox in front of her home in Lexington County.

On June 3,the Smith family began to receive a series of phone calls from Bell concerning Shari. After Bell related the precise whereabouts of Shari's body in one telephone call to the Smiths, he called again to describe how Shari died.

Bell explained to Dawn Smith, Shari's sister, that he "took duct tape and wrapped it all the way around [Shari's] head. Two weeks after Shari's abduction, at a time after Shari's body had been found but while Bell was still at large, Bell abducted and murdered another young girl. This victim was nine and a half year old Debra young girl. This victim was nine and a half year old Debra Mae Helmick. Debra Mae, her three year old brother, and her parents lived in a rented trailer in the Shiloh Trailer Park in Richland County.

On June 14,at p. The car turned around and stopped near the children. The neighbor saw a man he later identified as defendant Bell get out of the car with what appeared to be a white bag in his hand. Bell walked toward the children, grabbed Debra Mae around her waist and ran back to his car. Debra Mae was screaming and kicking.

State v. Bell

Bell threw her into his car.Intwo girls were kidnapped and murdered by Larry Gene Bell. He then called their families for several weeks and described their killings. The lives of two different South Carolina families changed forever in when their daughters were abducted and gruesomely killed.

On May 31,she drove home from a pool party and pulled up to her mailbox, which was several feet away from her house. Her father was working in his home office and saw her car running outside. He saw that her car door was open, and the engine was running. Her purse was inside, but his daughter was nowhere to be seen. The caller apologized for abducting their daughter and said they would get a letter from her soon, which police found in the post office. Please do not become hard or upset.

Everything works out for the good for those that love the lord. According to reports, Larry Gene Bell, who previously served time in jail for rape and harassment, made eight phone calls to the Smith family. Bell also told the family that the year-old was alive, but he actually murdered her within 12 hours of the kidnapping.

He also described how he sodomized and raped the teen, then wrapped her head in duct tape and suffocated her. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, our souls are now one. Authorities tried to trace the call, which led them to a public phone 20 miles away. But there were no signs of the kidnapper, and the receiver was dangling off the hook. He described in detail how he murdered her.

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It was in such bad condition due to decomposition that it was hard to determine her cause of death. However, it was believed that she suffocated to death or died of dehydration, possibly connected to her rare form of diabetes. Even after she was located, Bell continued to call the Smith family. He taunted them with details of her captivity and discussed funeral arrangements. It was also badly decomposed by the time it was located, making it difficult to determine her exact cause of death.

Officials had little information, except for the two-page letter Smith wrote to her family. The FBI examined it, using an electrostatic detection apparatus to determine residual indentations left on the paper.

larry eugene bell

They found incomplete phone numbers, one of which belonged to a local elderly electrician and his wife. The couple often made calls to a number in Alabama that was also partially on the pad.

They revealed that the number belonged to their son, a soldier. Authorities were not unsure if this family was involved in the murders. He was an electrician who worked for the older man. He frequently house sat for the old couple when they went out of town. During his testimony, he made weird comments, spoke continuously, and even refused to answer questions. The jury found him guilty, and he was sentenced to death. He decided to die by electric chair instead of lethal injection. Larry Gene Bell was born on October 30,and had three sisters and one brother.

Bell was considered to be a suspect in the disappearance of Sandee Elaine Cornett, the girlfriend of his coworker. He was also suspected to be involved in the disappearance of Denise Newsom Porch, who was last seen in July and lived in an apartment complex close to where Bell used to live.Home Florida Larry Bell. Larry Eugene Bell Jail Location. White Male. Information Control. Personal Details. Known addresses.

Florida Recent Arrests. Recent Charges. Statute: Arrest facts in Florida Aamon, Kyle. Aaquil, Brahim. Aare, Ville.

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A, Dixon. A, Dijohn. A, Decarvalho. A, Fahad. A, Flores. A, Gibson. A, Hall. A, Hamlin. A, Hernandez.

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Bell, Linda - TX. Mclemre, James - FL. Rodriguez, Jesus - TX. Mirsoliyev, Mustafo - OH. Bergenholz, Brenda - FL. Giovanno, Anthony - ID. Uscanga-Mina, Victorino - SC. Louisuis, Jimmy - FL. Information available through ArrestFacts.

Missing Pieces: Interview with Edward Harold Bell

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